Dr Pepper and College Football go together like peanut butter and jelly. We were tasked with making a Dr Pepper on-site activation outside every college football game to drive that point home. We designed a real life State Fair (Dr Pepper Fansville Pun Intended) that could be 10x20 feet all the way up to 70x50 feet with lots of games fans could really enjoy.
Fansville State Fair:
Game Descriptions

Final Drive Striker
Step right up, and get your team to the end zone with a mighty swing of the hammer. Picture the classic carnival game, high striker, but with a football field as the backdrop that the bell climbs up. The bell itself could even be shaped like a football.

The Mime Ref
Think you know your penalty signals? Try guessing them without hearing them announced. Yup, we’ll have a mime walk the grounds of the fair doing referee signals to anyone who thinks they can guess them. He’ll even be wearing vertical strips; AKA, a referee shirt. He’ll perform a variety of 3 signals to players. Get all 3 right, and you’ll win some State Fair swag.

The Foam Finger Fall of Fury
Think you can hang from a beam for :23 seconds? Try doing it while wearing foam fingers. And if you beat the clock without falling, you’ll get some awesome State Fair swag. We’ll have a ‘referee’ on standby with a stopwatch.

At these championship games, the only thing on a fan’s mind is that coveted ring. So we’ll give them a giant game of ring-on-a-string. The game itself would be about 10 ft tall, and the huge styrofoam ring will be larger-than-life — completely blinged out in “diamonds,” “gold,” and State’s logo. You have 3 tries to successfully swing the ring onto the hook.

The Fish Bowl
It’s not The Orange Bowl or The Rose Bowl, it’s The Fish Bowl — a mini football stadium packed with fishbowls that are full of Dr Pepper. Successfully toss a maroon ping-pong ball into a bowl, and you’ll win some Dr Pepper merch fit for a fan. Like any good carnival fishbowl game, the ping pong balls are only just able to fit into a bowl.

Copy Writer: Adam Dellavecchia
Creative Directors: Curtis Petraglia & Chris Jones
ECD: Ryan Lehr